Course Description (English)

Course Description

Depending on the programs, the courses at the Studio Vermès stretch over a period of 12 to 14 weeks. The first semester begins in September and the second mid -January or early February depending on the program.


This course is designed for first- time photographers and low intermediates. 
Each week we give a new, motivating theme as a starting point. We go out together and learn how to see and capture images around the designated theme using the city as our backdrop.


-       - Initiation to the camera                                                             
-       - Films and their development
-       - Photographic terminology
-       - “Reading” an image
-       - Framing and composition
-       - Interior and exterior photography
-       - Black and white lab
-       - Archiving and organizing negatives both digital and film


This course is for students who have already taken Photo 1, or can show through a portfolio that they already have learned and practiced basic techniques of black and white photography. The main goal of the semester will be expressing a specific theme elaborated and chosen together with the professors.


-       - Initiation to Studio lighting and Accessories                            
-       - Different formats
-       - Portraits and Auto portraits
-       - Artistic Nude
-       - Vintage Techniques
-       - Emulsions
-       - Black & White lab Techniques
-       - Archiving and organizing negatives, digital and film


This class is for advanced students selected on presentation of a black and white or digital portfolio.

The class has a triple objective :to consolidate what has already been learned,to deepen the knowledge of the students, and to their theoretical and practical competencies.

  •            Studio Photography
  •            Still life + Stylizing                                            
  •            Portraits, Staging
  •            Portfolios: Actors and Dancers
  •            Fashion photography
  •            Outdoor photojournalism
  •            Film and Digital
  •            Vintage Techniques
  •            Creation of a portfolio


       This class takes place in the private home of Philippe (portraitist and fine arts photographer) and Nancy (retired university professor).
Conducted more like a seminar, this course explores the history of photography as a discovery and invention from its early beginnings in France through its contemporary development and evolution.

       Students have easy access to the rich collection of photography books that belong to the Vermès’ private library. We look at many images together sorting through varying criteria that gradually allow us to “read” an image. Little by little we see emerging the characteristics of an aesthetic characterizing not only early photography but also profiling current trends. We describe and analyze photographs that display photography not only as a tool for reproducing reality but also as an instrument for representing it.

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